Shared Ground

Uses the same lengths of wire for single or double stack configuration.

Prepare the wire ends. 1 prep wire ends 1 prep wire ends

Slightly offeset the end of the twisted pair. 2 slightly offset twist 2 slightly offset twist

The twisted section will be a bit over 3" in length. 3 twist 3 twist

Wind onto the core in a counter-clockwise fashion. 4 wind counter clockwise 4 wind counter clockwise

Cross over the core at turn 11. 5 crossover at 11 5 crossover at 11

Remove the enamel from the wire where it will be soldered. 6 wound prep ends 6 wound prep ends

Solder the primary side wires. You will also solder the ground side of the secondary at this time.

Make a wire jumper to connect from the G pads in the toroid block over to the CP pad. You may consider soldering this ground jumper in at the same time as the primary and secondary grounds. I ended up soldering the jumper at the CP pad on both the top and bottom of the board. 7 solder shared ground 7 solder shared ground

Checking the completed board with a nanoVNA. 8 sweep check 8 sweep check

The completed board. 9 completed board 9 completed board