72 - Bonus

This kick start guide has taken a very focused approach to get you going. Where can you go from here?

  • Try electronic logging in the field. This will also lead to a different way of exporting your log.
  • Or try using a spreadsheet program with CSV file along with ADIF Master to create your log
  • Try operating digital modes
  • Experiment with antennas
  • Try different bands
  • Can you utilize alternate power (solar, wind, water)?
  • How low can you go with your power, QRPp?
  • What does it take to operate at 20W, 40W, 100W, or more?
  • How light a station can you put together?
  • How can you operate from a vehicle in cold or hot weather?
  • Can you operate your station after dark?
  • Research the different ways of doing a multi-op activation
  • Can you bring a solar panel and charge controller into the mix to extend your operating time?