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Post event activities

Log Processing

Logging your activation for POTA Video from QRV section

NOTE: The primary method for submitting your logs is to upload them using the website. However, you can still email them to your area coordinator.

Fast Log Entry

Since, we’ve paper logged, we’re going to post process with Fast Log Entry on your Windows laptop. On your Linux Laptop we’ll use FLEClient.

ADIF Master

Check your ADIF file with ADIF Master A common problem is the use of the letter O versus the number zero.

QSO maps

See where you worked by creating a polylines map with QSO Map

  • Start by uploading the ADIF file from your activation
  • The site will send you an email of what stations have been added to your log along with callsigns that it didn’t recognize.
  • Check your log and files for the callsigns that weren’t recognized.
  • Hand waving - create a map, I like to use polylines and colors by band.
  • Use screen clipping tool to capture the displayed map.

Submit the log to POTA

With POTA, NO ONE gets credit until you turn in the log!

POTA log uploading This video was in the Activators video play list.

Filename convention: CallSign_K-####_ST_YYYYMMDD.adi where ST is the 2 letter state abbreviation. If you are in a multi-state park, use the state that you activated from within.

POTA documentation on submitting your logs

Submit the log to ARRL LOTW

First, set up a location in TQSL with your park info from above. Then submit your log for processing with the correct location.

Activation report

Share with your buddies, club, other POTA ops

social media: FB, IG, Slack, Discord


Refer to your log and see if there were any station, kit, operating, or other improvements you noted.