VHF/HF Mobile Antenna by K0EMT

  • Use the whip only for 6/2M operation
  • Whip w/mast & coil for 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m & 40M
  • 80M w/wire attached to QD mount
* End Cap & Mast
** Generation 1
   Bottom has a 3/8" x 24TPI bolt in a PVC end cap.
   Then a section of 1" aluminuum tubing.
   Overall length and coil weight of the Gen 1 have relegated
     it to a primarily portable HF vertical role.

** Generation 2 
   Changed to a metal end cap, filling in extra space with PC-Metal Epoxy.
   Then a section of 1" aluminuum tubing.
   Mast shortened for mobile operation.

** Generation 3 
   Copper tubing mast design.  Much nicer appearance.
   Field use demonstrated that the copper is too weak for extended use.

** Generation 4
   Fiberglass tube w/epoxy filled PVC cap

* Coil
  A smaller section of PVC slides inside of the mast.
  Coil is wound on the PVC.  

** Generation 1
   Topped off with another bolt that has been pressed and epoxied into
   the PVC tube.   Then a whip tip adapter and a whip.
   Taps at various places, required tuner.
   Antenna ends up ~9'9" tall.  With full coil resonant at ~6.9Mhz.
   Bypassing coil it covers the entire 10M band < 1.8:1.

** Generation 2
   The bolt is simply put into the PVC end cap.
   Nut and whip tip adapter arrangement.
   Taps are located for resonant frequency, no tuner required.
   Coil shortened for better mobile operation, only goes to ~10Mhz now.

** Generation 3
   Nut and whip tip adapter configured with Quick Detach spade connectors.
   After 20M tap switch to smaller gauge wire, allows for 40M operation.

** Generation 4
   In progress, going to fiberglass coil form.
   Most likely will use PowerPole connectors instead of spade connectors.

* QSO's
First Contact, Generation 1
05 Feb 02 1035 CDT 28Mhz EA3XA 58 58 Jose - Barcelona Spain
			 w/ICOM IC-706 mk II @ 100 Watts

* 80M
Use a wire with Max Coil for 80M, works well for Section Traffic Net.
Better results on 80M can be obtained by using a 56" extender 
below the coil.  (Stationary use only!)

* Costs
Al Tube ~$4 (~$12 for 8ft pc)
PVC Tube $1
Wire ~$4
Incidentals - Epoxy, Hardware, Ring Connectors, tape ~$2
3/8" Hardware - ~$7
Whip - ~$7
Total ~$25

10 Bands for about the price of 2 mobile monobanders.

* To Be Done
** Document
Where tapped, how chose where to tap.
How tapped, 14Gauge wire
length of each section