5 Watter Phase 2

1 min | Bryan Nehl | 2020-05-11T02:00

Completed Phase II Completed Phase II

Pay attention to the color stripes/values of the resistors. The colors of the resistors in the K7QO guide did not match with what was expected. In particular, pay attention to R30 and 31, 4K7 resistors – yellow, purple, red, gold color markings.

Don’t forget to read the captions along with the pictures in the guide. The part type for C51 and C59 is different than pictured and noted.

My system current draw at this phase measured 22mA. During the test phase, I was able to use a small breadboard jumper wire to hear amplified audio.

I used female-male breadboard jumpers to temporarily connect the headphone jack. Then used an amplified speaker for testing. Jack wiring Jack wiring