QRP Lowfer

K0EMT's QRP Lowfer Antenna
The lowfer "kit" - a bit fuzzy SRI!
Close Up - very sharp!

Numerous people on several yahoogroups, of which I am a member,
have commented about portable HF antennas being a compromise in
performance versus convenience. I believe this antenna slams down
the scale on the side of convenience for operating 160M and 80M portable.


  • Right Angle BNC Connector
  • Radio Shack #271-133 - 50Ohm 10W Resistor


  • Solder one wire of the resistor to the ground side of the BNC
    Check for clearance with Plastic boot first!
  • Solder a jumper wire between the other wire and the center conductor of the BNC
  • Replace plastic boot and Vinyl tape boot and exposed wire.
  • Evaluate on antenna analyzer
  • Have fun!

The analyzer showed low SWR on 160M and 80M. My FT-817 agrees.
40M and 30M show a bit higher SWR on the analyzer.
The 817 shows 3 and 4 bars respectively.
I was testing with 2.5W out CW.