Side Mount VHF/UHF Antenna

This antenna is designed to be mounted off the side of a tower. The idea is to run the arm through the tower, bracketing to the far side of the tower. The middle of the arm should be zip tied to the tower.

In the "laboratory" this antenna showed a VSWR of <= 2.0:1 from 136-153.1Mhz. With 1.1:1 at 144.2. This is good since the primary intent is to use it as a packet antenna. It also tested well for the entire 70cm band.

  • Left over arm from scrapped CB antenna
  • Left over element from converting Radio Shack FM antenna to 5el 2M beam
  • Left over piece of dual-shield RG-58 coax
  • Female BNC
  • Mast mount bracket
  • Polished arm, restoring appearance to near new
  • Trimmed length of arm and installed mount bracket
  • Drilled arm to accept a rivet through the element
  • Riveted element to arm
  • Installed ring connectors and Female BNC on coax
  • Made several loops of coax to form balun

By the way, I will be going to black UV resistant ties before installing permanently.