Mid-MO ARC K0C Earthday 2001 Special Event Station

K0C - Earth Day 2001 Special Event Station

Sponsored by the Mid-MO ARC
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The Earthday 2001 Special Event station was held April 20th, 2001. Members of the Mid-MO ARC set up and operated the station from the grounds of the Missouri State Capitol. K0C was part of an organized State Earth Day event.

About the Event

The State of Missouri's Department of Natural Resources sponsors an Earth Day event to help raise awareness of environmental issues with the state's youth. There were approximately 5000 grade school children on hand from around the state.

The goal of the K0C station was to disseminate information about the role Amateur Radio plays during severe weather events and natural disasters. Our primary goal during this part of the SES was to interact with the public.

We went QRT in the afternoon after activities on the grounds came to a close. The station went QRV a few hours later and the next day from Mid-MO ARC members QTH in a "contest" mode. The stations that were active were also located in the Missouri State Capitol.

About the Station

The station was set up "field day" style. Sprint graciously provided a canopy for us to operate under. The event organizers provided folding tables and chairs. They also placed us in a spot where we had access to AC. However, two of the three rigs on hand had DC power on hand.

N0SS set up a random length wire for HF CW with his Elecraft K2. The CW coming from an amplified motorola speaker drew the children to our station.

KC0ACQ set up a homebrew wire dipole for 10M SSB operation on his JST 245.

K0EMT brought homebrew rotateable dipoles for 10M and 2M operation as well as a homebrew 80M dipole for use with a Yaesu FT-817. This rig was used for VHF/UHF FM, HF Phone and HF CW.

KB0HNR brought a complete APRS station. The laptop seemed to be a magnet for the children as well.

We also had a straight key and home brew CPO (from the recent QST article on SMT). This was used to demonstrate sending CW, sending the children's names and letting them send their own names.

We had also planned to be control ops for the children and let them make phone contacts. Unfortunately, our event coincided with one of the largest solar events on record. The only station making contacts from the grounds was N0SS with the K2 running 5W on CW. However, we made the best of the situation and made sure to note to attendees that while contacts couldn't be made on a voice mode, CW was still getting through.

The event went very well and we were invited back for next year. (This was our first year operating this event.)


Amateurs involved with the K0C Earth Day Special Event Station: (in no particular order) K0EMT, KC0ACQ, N0SS, KB0HNR, KC0CZI, K0DXR, W0JES, N0OFD, NM0X, K9ZTV, WN0X, K0IRI, KC0JDW, N0MV

Everyone's help and participation was appreciated.


Here are a few pictures from the event:

QSL Info

K0C logs show that 77 contacts were made on HF, with two countries.

10M 4
20M 70
40M 3

For an event certificate please send your QSL information along with a SASE to NM0X