Rigid Dipoles

I have been playing with PVC and Aluminum Tubing for building rigid dipoles.

Most have been built for 10M, 6M and 2M. With the idea of portable operation.

There is a picture of a center "T" with BNC from one of these smaller antennas.

There are also a number of pictures of a 20M dipole here.
For this antenna, a coax "pig-tail" was connected to the interior bolts on the center T.
You will note the larger hole. This is so that a metal nut can tighten the assembly at this point
while providing a good physical and electrical connection to the antenna.

It is full-size, no loading. The antenna is in operation at the QTH of KB0HNR.

It is a top his 45ft tower.

Much to my surprise it has weathered severe storms with winds in excess of 60mph.

I hope that these pictures will help you in your construction projects.

Smaller rigid dipole
K0EMT with 20M Rigid Dipole 20M Rigid Dipole details