Trailer hitch mast mount

K0EMT's Mobile Antenna Mast Mount

I designed this this mast mount because I wanted to be able to rapidly deploy a mast mounted antenna in a location that didn't have other supports available.

    Design Criteria:
  • When not in use fit inside vehicle
  • Be able to handle large to small diameter masts
  • One person should be able to safely put up mast
  • Should not require user to lift mast through top clamp
  • Even if collar is loosened, it shouldn't slide down mast
  • Should be a no-tools deployment
  • Minimize moving parts
  • Can open window portion of hatch while mount is in place
    To deploy this mast mount:
  • Put the bottom collar on the mount first
  • Secure the mount in the hitch
  • Make sure the bolts are loose on the bottom collar
  • Put your antenna on the mast, pulley for wire support, etc.
  • Slide the top collar onto the mast
  • Place the end of mast on top of the bottom collar
  • Hold the smooth side of the collar in your hand, supporting the mast
  • Support the mast with your other hand as well.
  • Erect the mast keeping the bottom in the mast mount
  • As you get near vertical the mast should drop to the ground inside the bottom collar
  • Slide the top collar down into it's tab, making sure to orient it properly.
  • Tighten down the top collar
  • Tighten down the bottom collar
  • Done!

After having practiced with this mast mount, I would likely have the bottom collar welded to the rest of the frame. Although that doesn't lend itself well to transport. So, it's a toss up.

John, AA0ZC built the mount for me. If you would like him to build one for you, contact him directly for an estimate.