OzarkCon Event

Specifics for OzarkCon POTA Kick Start.

This event is for the QRP amateur radio operator that would like to get started with the Parks On The Air program.


Bryan, K0EMT, is your event facilitator.
Mike, AD0YM, will be assisting.


Before you come to OzarkCon:


This is a two part day:

  1. The park activation during the day.
  2. Processing the logs in the evening.
    • After the banquet, in the hall


Gather at 10:00 AM local time at the Stone Castle Inn lobby.

We will then go to the shelter at Table Rock State Park.

Directions and map to the shelter


In the evening after the banquet we will gather at in the banquet hall to work on the logs.

Even if you complete your log on your own, please join us. I’ll be aggregating our totals for a report on Saturday.


This is a NO ALCOHOL event.


  • If there is ice on the ground, we will not activate
  • If there is lightning, we will cease operation.
  • If the wind chill is below 32F we will not operate
  • If the heat index is over 90F we will not operate

If we are not able to be outdoors, we will do an alternate activity at the hotel.


Make sure you bring proper hydration and snacks for your outdoor time. Temperatures this time of year can vary between 29F and 67F. Layering your clothing is a good idea. Know your limits, don’t push it. If you need help, ask for it. Keep an eye out for fellow activators.

POTA info

When operating, you will use your callsign. You need a minimum of 10 contacts to have a ‘succesful" activation. No matter, how many contacts you make, you need to submit a log.

Have your park name, park number, grid square, county, and state handy when you’re operating.

Table Rock State Park, US-1787, Taney County, Missouri, Grid Square EM36. NOTE: if you venture out further around the park, you may end up in Stone county.


We will be able to have multiple stations operating at the same time.

Stations will:

  • Have an HF transceiver (or bring yours)
  • Be on different bands
  • Operated at QRP power levels
    • 5 Watts for CW
    • 10 Watts with phone
  • Have an antenna and coax (BNC male terminated)
  • a bandpass filter

There will also be a 2M FM station set up for simplex operation.

Field Gear

Essential Gear to bring:

  • Headphones or earbuds
  • paddle or key with 1/8" TRS plug

Optional Gear:

  • Your transceiver that has a female BNC antenna connector (or adapter)
  • A memory keyer (Program with long CQ, short CQ, 72 your callsign, park #)
  • Battery with Anderson Power Pole connectors
  • digital audio recorder with 1/8" TRS plug for transceiver side
  • A logbook, paper or journal and a pen or pencil
  • UTC time piece


  • Seat pad or outdoor folding chair
  • lap blanket


We will likely be able to activate with the 4S QRP club, WQ5RP. More details on how that will be done are coming.

Log processing

Friday evening gathering will be in the banquet hall, after dinner.

  • We’ll get your logbook translated into FLE
  • Generate ADIF files
  • Create Maps
  • Submit log to Parks On The Air program
  • Set up LOTW location
  • Submit log to LOTW
  • Check out account on the POTA site
  • Do a happy dance

With POTA, NO ONE gets credit until you turn in the log!