QRZ Interface Library

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This library gives the Visual Basic or Access 97/VBA programmer a class so that they may easily retrieve information from the QRZ CD.


The class and accompanying files are being distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL with the stipulation that this author (K0EMT) is to receive a free copy of any commercial software that utilizes this library.


QRZInfo Class Properties:

  • DBPath AS String - name of the directory where callbkc.dat is located
  • CallSign As String - call sign in "normal" format
  • qrzCallSign As String - call sign in QRZ format
  • qrzDEFCAB As String - call sign in QRZ "defcab" format
  • hasEMail As Boolean - has an email address on the cd - originally JR field
  • hasGif As Boolean - has a gif on cd - originally MI field
  • LastName
  • FirstName
  • ProperName (First Name + Last Name)
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


  • The library only supports look up by callsign.
  • The class only returns if the email address and/or picture are stored. (Not the actual email address or picture.) To get the email address you will have to use the QRZ DLL.

User Software Responsibilities

The developer must remember to set the .DBPath of the class to the location of the QRZ callbkc.dat directory.


As of May 2001, no further development on this interface is planned.

If you would like to add the following features:

  • Searching by other indices
  • Return the location of the associated picture
  • Return the email address
  • Additional error handling/checking

I would be happy to integrate them into the library and give you credit.

73 -- k0emt