Thoughts for HF/VHF Truck/SUV mobile operation


The LDG RT-11 from LDG Electronics seems to be the best value.


For mounting a whip antenna, split ball mount behind the drivers side of the cab, on the cab. Watch the height of this location. In the US, max legal height is 13ft 6in for most places.

My experience with springs is that they are more trouble than they are worth. (I’ve tried lots of ’em.)

Definitely go with a quick disconnect for the antenna mount. Not all QD’s are created equal. I like the one’s I’ve been buying from wb0w.

Also, not all split balls are created equal. You will want something like one of the Hustler heavy duty models. You can get ’em with either UHF or terminal connections on the back side of the ball. Another nice feature of these is that the plastic insulator has a crown of sorts on it, that helps to keep the mount from rotating.

An alternate mounting location and much stronger, would be to get a sheet of metal, cut it off into a triangle and mount it near the corner of the bed. This mounting location would be sturdy enough to support the biggest of antennas.

In any mounting location, make sure you have a good ground. I use a dremel tool with grinding bit to get to bare metal.


Screw driver will work great and be expensive, but you won’t need the tuner.

You could use a CB whip as an ultimate compromise vertical.

If you get a set of “hamstick” type antennas with QD connectors you can use each one +/- 1 band. Use 15M on 17M and 12M w/tuner.

Or you could home brew a vertical solution for ~$35. My HB antenna lets me do 2/6M or any band 10M-30M while mobile. I can do 80M stationary with the addition of a ~40’ wire. I am working on a solution for 40M mobile.

Btw, I hope you had the RF filter installed in the fuel pump.

If you couldn’t tell, I love mobiling.

Also, if you give it some advance thought you could configure things so that you could easily transition it all to a back pack with battery, counterpoise wires, spare coax, etc.
Here is where the LDG Z11 and whips with QD connectors have an advantage.

73 DE Bryan, k0emt