Duplex MMDVM experience report

1 min | Bryan Nehl | 2021-04-02T12:05

I picked up one of these Duplex MMDVMs

Pretty complete package, but I did need a 110V & 5V USB wall wart.
I’m sure they don’t include one to save money. Also, people may power in their car or off a battery pack, etc. It does ship with a microSD card with version 3 firmware. I need to flash it with version 4 yet.

I was able to get it configured for DMR and use it with an AnyTone AT-878 without too much frustration. Included instruction sheet was good.

Last night, I experimented with the YSF2DMR C4FM/Yaesu Fusion to DMR capability. Wasn’t too bad setting that up. Key is to turn off the DMR mode. Turn on YSF and YSF2DMR. Used it with a Yaesu FT-70DR. My outstanding question is “how to disconnect the HT and turn off the “room” when I